While lots of our favourite International YouTube gurus are posting their Summer makeup looks, it’s pretty chilly here in NZ.

There is one great thing about winter though, the makeup is so much fun! Dark, vampy lips are big this season. And don’t forget the timeless smokey eye.

Here are a few of our favourite Winter products:

wicked-packagingNYX NZbb_sugarsalem-lipswatchblue

While we’re talking winter, how cute is this makeup look inspired by Frozen? Love it!
Image credit: http://www.pausaparafeminices.com/maquiagem/elsa-frozen-makeup/



2 thoughts on “Winter Warmers

  1. Beauty Blogger says:

    Just found the source of your Frozen Makeup image so you can now credit:

    And judging by the name posted on the picture, I think its from a girl called Bruna (Bru) Tavares, and here is her site:

    (I don’t speak Spanish so don’t really know my way around her site!)

    Hope that helps! In future you should just try using Google Image Search to find the source of images so you can credit them properly.

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