You may have heard the term “baking” a lot recently, and not in regards to tasty cakes. So what is it?

Baking is a technique that originated with drag queens and other stage performers that needed their makeup to be super matte and last on the skin for hours and hours. The technique is simple, but makes a huge difference in the wear time of your products.

1. Make sure your skin is super hydrated so that the powder doesn’t dry it out, we recommend the Tailor Hydrate lotion.

2. Apply your foundation and concealer how you normally would.

3. Take a lot (and we mean a lot) of loose, translucent powder onto a damp beautyBlender sponge and pat onto the undereye. When choosing a loose powder, it’s highly recommended to use a translucent powder that has no silica in it, so that you won’t get flashback in photography. (Flashback is when the area with the powder shows up stark white – not ideal!) The Coty Airspun Powder is an awesome, affordable choice.

4. Let that powder sit there and “bake” into the skin for a few minutes, then brush off the excess with a fluffy face brush, such as the Sigma F37.

5. Add some moisture back into your skin so it doesn’t dry out completely, we recommend a spray such as the Australis Finishing Spritz or one of the Skindinavia Setting Sprays if you really want to lock that powder in.

After that, you’re all done!
If you’re still stuck, here’s an awesome video by Heidi Hamoud that demonstrates the technique

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