We’re proud to welcome Time Bomb skincare, fresh from the UK, to Beauty Bliss.

The Time Bomb collection includes category-shattering formulas that make a difference quickly. Ground-breaking products like Complexion Cocktails (the first skin tonics with super-potent, skin-boosting shots) and Collagen Bomb (the first skin fuel that re-energizes and re-activates essential collagen) are radically fresh, innovative solutions to keeping skin functioning optimally…..firing on all cylinders…..so it can look fresh, firm, smooth and radiant at any age.

PREP: Take-Off Time Cleanse + Buff


When your skin is operating at peak performance, it naturally sheds off dead surface cells every three weeks. Over time, the process slows and it can take up to nine weeks, leaving your complexion looking dull, drab and uneven. For fresher, younger skin, merely washing your face isn’t enough: you’ve got to cleanse AND buff.

This break-through cleanser gently lifts away that clinging top layer to reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin beneath. Unlike most cleansers, it doesn’t contain drying surfactants or harsh detergents so your skin is left moist and dewy.

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BOOST: Choose a Complexion-Boosting Cocktail


These breakthrough modern tonics are customized with a potent, concentrated shot to banish the effects of fatigue, pollution or dehydration. All 3 are fortified with a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid for an immediate plumping and a renewed dewy glow. Use after cleansing.

Exhausted? Try the Complexion Cocktail With a shot of B12 to reboot pale, slack and tired skin.
Stressed? Try the Complexion Cocktail With a shot of Chlorophyll to detox stressed, broken-out skin.
Dry Skin? Try the Complexion Cocktail With a shot of H2Omega to reload dry, dehydrated skin.




Glory Days Day Cream
Moisture is fundamental to every skin type at every age, so a moisture-rich day cream is a given. Glory Days is a multi-functional moisturizer. Emollient rich, this immediately absorbed formula won’t leave residues on skin’s surface that “grab” or streak make-up.

Powerball Intensive Moisturiser
Powerball is a true “watershed moment” in skin moisturisation technology, the first intensive formula designed to flood skin with a powerhouse blend of 21 natural hydrating agents that act on every level to refill and retain essential water. The result: softer, smoother, plumper tone and texture.

Flashback Night Cream
This super-rich moisturizer forms an invisible, light rice bran waxy barrier on the skin, trapping in overnight a powerful blend of phytolipids, oils, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that nourish skin so it can better produce natural collagen and elastin.

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