Welcome to the new GHD Glide!
The first professional hot brush from GHD which tames and smooths dry hair quickly and effortlessly.


The Glide has sold out! As this was a Limited Edition item, we are unable to order any more.
We’ll update our social media channels and this page if we hear any news that it may return. Please note however that this is not a guarantee.


Feature Breakdown:

  1. Ceramic technology and ionisers: helps to tame hair and eliminate frizz.
  2. Combination of high density shorter and longer bristles: means that larger sections of hair can be styled with ease.
  3. Heated to 185ºC: This is the optimum temperature for styling; any hotter than this damages the hair, any cooler and the results are compromised.
  4. Sleep mode: Switches itself off if it is not used for 60 minutes – which is great for safety and ease of mind!
  5. Professional length 2.7m cable


As someone who values every second I can stay in bed the GHD Glide is something I’m definitely excited about! Something that brushes my hair aswell as taming and eliminating frizz? What more could someone want!


Until next time,
Courtney xx

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