Some fresh new products from Real Techniques have just entered the New Zealand market, and we’re stoked to have them here at Beauty Bliss – online and in store.

Real Techniques Small Point Set

This unique set comes with 4 brushes – each with the same universal cut, but at different sizes for different parts of the face. The smaller brushes are for brow filling and lip detailing, whereas the larger brushes are for colour correcting, concealing and shadow blending.

My favourite part of this brush set is the stand. It not only has a cute design, but is made of metal so has some weight to it, keeping it upright even when holding lots of brushes.

Real Techniques Multitech Point L Brush

Created in the same universal cut as the smaller brushes, the Point L brush is designed for optimal colour pickup and blending.

This versatile brush can be used for blush, bronzing, highlighting and contour. And because of the dense bristles, it’s also great for BB and CC cream application! If you’re looking to contour with precision for a structured look, this is the perfect brush for you. Check out this Youtube Tutorial to see the brush in action.

Real Techniques Multitech Point Makeup Sponge

Real Techniques have created another great sponge – this one is a more rounded at the base than their famous Miracle Complexion Sponge and has a pointed tip for precision blending.

However, it’s that sponge holder that has us loving this one! It’s made of metal so it doesn’t get knocked over easily on your makeup table, and the open base means that air can pass through easily to dry your sponge between uses.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge with Travel Case

For only $1 more, the famous Miracle Complexion sponge can now be purchased with a handy travel case. I must admit that when I first saw these I was worried that the sponge wouldn’t be able to breathe – but then I noticed that the RT logo on each side is actually a hole, allowing air to flow through. Phew!

The case is a great innovation from Real Techniques and really handy – especially if you tend to use your sponges damp and on-the-go.

Video Tutorials

As Sam and Nic started on YouTube years ago, it makes sense that they keep using the platform to show us their new products. These handy tutorials are great for showing off everything in the range and teaching us how each product is designed to be used. Check them out! 🙂

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