Here at Beauty Bliss we’ve always been huge fans of beautyBlender, so new products are very exciting for us! We thought we’d run you through some of the cool new beautyBlender products.

beautyblender liner.designer


The liner.designer is the ideal tool for getting those wings on fleek! This flexible, 3 sided edged liner guide becomes a steady hand when applying your wings. The liner.designer comes in a chic compact with a 5x magnifying mirror and suction cup allowing the compact to be attached to any clean, smooth surface.


beautyblender beauty.blusher


beauty.blusher is the perfect sized applicator for cream and powder blush application. Made from the same exclusive beautyblender material, this is the first, medium-sized blush applicator designed to deliver the right amount of blush or contour product onto the skin – seamlessly and effortlessly.




beautyblender® times two! Double your fun with two of the award-winning beautyblender originals and the popular 150ml liquid blendercleanser® – all wrapped up in a perfect cleanser kit. The cleanser is perfect for removing any excess makeup from your beautyBlender without damaging the material, plus it can be used on makeup brushes!


beautyblender correct.four

correct-four correct.four allows for precise application of corrective concealers on areas of the face that need a little extra love. These limited-edition micro.minis are ideal for all corrective concealers and work great for highlighting and contouring. Perfect for smaller areas such as the under eye, around your nose, above and below your brow bone, chin area and for covering acne and dark spots.


beautyblender Large Liquid blendercleanser


The perfect liquid cleanser size large enough to take on the challenges of cleaning multiple blenders or makeup brushes by soaking out tough stains. The beautyBlender cleanser was made to support and protect the material of the beautyBlender and is also great at cleaning makeup brushes.


beautyblender Pure + mini blendercleanser solid


One beautyblender pure for impeccable application of foundations, powders, creams and any other complexion product + one mini blendercleanser solid to keep beautyblender – and brushes – clean and in high performance mode!


beautyblender Nude


The ultimate foundation application tool was created in a nude shade to celebrate flawless, natural-looking skin. beautyblender features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet. This allows the sponge to be “full” so that the makeup products sits on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed into the sponge, allowing you to use less product every time.


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