Makeup Services are back in our Wellington store and to help celebrate, Gemma and I thought we would answer a few questions so that you guys know you’re in safe hands! A message was put out on the Beauty Bliss Instagram asking for your questions about what you wanted to know about us. We selected a couple of your questions, and also answered a few that we get asked when doing makeovers.

@jamieleerameka – How long have you been working as a makeup artist and where did you do your training?
C – I studied for two years. My first year of training was a Beauty Specialist course at Face and Beauty in Tauranga, I then moved to Auckland to do Cut Above’s SFX and Theatre Makeup course which i finished at the end of 2014. I’ve been working in the makeup industry ever since!
G – I gained my qualification in 2016 from Weltec in Wellington.

What sort of makeup work have you done?
C – I’ve done quite a few theatre shows which involves makeup, wigs, dressing and quick changes. I also worked for Kryolan City Auckland as one of their instore makeup artists for nearly two years and even managed the store for a little while. I then left their and worked as the instore makeup artist in a boutique dress store, so lots and lots of ball and event makeups!
G – Lots of ball makeup, a few runways and photoshoots.

@lanarewabailey – Is makeup a field you’ve always wanted to work in?
C – No, for the longest time I wanted to be a Youth Councillor and then I developed a passion for beauty and then during my beauty course I fell in love with makeup.
G – Nope! I wanted to work in web development but always loved makeup so figured I should follow my passion.

What are your top tips for great makeup?
C – Drink your water, eat your veggies, take your makeup off at night and moisturise! Great make up starts with looking after yourself!
G – Always start with less product than you think you’ll need, you can always add more if needed but it’s significantly more difficult to remove excess product.

@lanarewabailey – Do you have any ride or die products?
C – Beauty Blenders! They’re so great for getting that flawlessly blended base and help to remove any excess product.
G – Brow pomades in general, I like how versatile they and that they’re totally smudge and transfer proof.

What is your favourite thing about the makeup industry?
C – The diversity! Seeing people from different backgrounds all over the world using makeup to express themselves.
G – Making people feel confident, the look on someone’s face once you’ve finished their makeup is always an awesome feeling.


We hope you loved this little Q&A, let us know if you would like more blog posts like this in the future!

Until next time,
Courtney and Gemma    

P.S. Check out some of our client photos from our Wellington store below, we’ll try and update this regularly so keep an eye out on here if you come in and get your makeup done 😀


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