On December 14th we decided to have some fun in our Wellington store with our customers and Kocostar Slice Sheet Masks!

The day started off with us blowing up an excessive amount of balloons and tying them to just about anything that wouldn’t pop them – it was definitely a trail and error process and resulted in us scaring ourselves and people passing by (oops!). Throughout the day people chatted with us and their friends about which mask they liked the most.

Kocostar Slice Sheet Mask are super easy to use and can be applied not only to your face but also on your neck, arms and legs to help hydrate and refresh the skin.

We have six different fruit and vegetable inspired slice masks but the hit of the day was definitely Strawberry!

Each mask has its own targeted benefits;

– Cucumber hydrates with a hit of Vitamin C
– Watermelon refreshes and hydrates the skin
– Pineapple helps keep skin supple and elastic
– Strawberry keeps skin vibrant and glowing
– Apple promotes gloss and vitality
– Kiwifruit with Vitamin C keeps skin radiant

Toni and Gemma even found time during the day to go live over on our Facebook page to give a mini tour of the store, to do some swatches of our limited edition stock and to show those at home what was happening in-store with the Kocostar Demo!

Watch Us Live Here!

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Until next time,
Courtney xo

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