Over the past couple of days Jeffree Star revealed that his brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics suffered a hit that every brand across all industries dread. Jeffree announced that two weeks ago, on the day of the Blue Blood launch, one of his warehouses was broken into and that $2.5million ($3.7million NZD) worth of product was stolen.

Now I have heard a few crazy stories about how far people will go for free stuff, especially makeup, but betraying your boss (Jeffree is saying that the theft has to be an inside job), breaking into a warehouse with a group of people and making off with $2.5million worth of product to then sell it on the blackmarket? That is INSANE!

Jeffree sat down in a video to tell us about this crazy ordeal and also reminded us that this has happened before, who remembers when thieves cut through a warehouse roof to steal $4.5million worth of Modern Renaissannce eyeshadow palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills?


The thieves allegedly stole thousands of units of Northern Lights, an entire shipment of Platinum Ice (approx FIVE THOUSAND UNITS), thousands of Lip Liners and an ENTIRE shade of his unreleased Magic Star concealer, C5 to be exact.

Jeffree of course has the police, FBI and a team of private investigators on the hunt for these people. Police already have a suspect in custody.

Now we all know that stealing & selling stolen goods is very wrong and very illegal. Buying stolen goods is also very wrong and very illegal. If you see any JSC products being sold and they seem too good to be true, they probably are. You don’t want to have to end up writing a statement like this and potentially end up in an orange jumpsuit facing jail time (orange is not the new black).

If you see any dodge products for sale your best option is to not buy it and to inform Jeffree and his team.

Luckily JSC has full insurance so the monetary value will be replaced. Luckily for us Jeffree Star fans who like to spend our hard earned money on legitimate items from authorized retailers, Jeffree still plans to officially release his Magic Star concealer later this month. Watch this space!


Till next time,
Courtney xx

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