This is a super fun look for halloween if you’re wanting to look spooky!

Start with a white base. We’d recommend using something opaque such as Kryolan’s Clown White. It won’t dry your skin out and start cracking like facepaint, and will provide the perfect white base for your skeletal look. Apply this generously to entire face and neck using a damp beautyblender or sponge, and anywhere else you want to add some skeleton details.

Once your skin looks as white as bone, start sketching out the outlines of the skull with a black pencil eyeliner so that you have your outline and then you can build this up, or add a liquid liner for more definition. If you’re not steady with a liquid liner, try a gel liner like the Maybelline Gel liner on an angled brush. Using a reference photo always helps!

Add shading in where necessary using a matte black eyeshadow – we recommend the NYX Professional Makeup single eyeshadow in ‘Raven’.

And you’re done!


Disclaimer: Photo is a stock photo for inspiration, products mentioned aren’t actual products used. They’re our recommendations to replicate the look 🙂

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