This is a classic look that’s easy to recreate with only a few products.

Start with a white base. We’d recommend using a light foundation such as L.A Girl Pro Coverage (White). It won’t dry your skin out and start cracking like facepaint, and will make it easier to blend the detail around the eyes. Because Pro Coverage is a medium-coverage foundation, it will give you a more natural finish than an opaque product.

Once you’ve built up your white base to the desired level, start sketching the outline for the eyes. Start with a black pencil so that you have your outline and then you can build this up, or add a liquid liner for more definition. If you’re not steady with a liquid liner, try a gel liner like the Maybelline Gel liner on an angled brush.

Using a clean brush, smudge your lines to give the feathered look, and then go over the outer lines for definition around the sharp points – particularly the outer wings of the eyes and the points on the nose.

Lastly, finish off your look with a bright red lip. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Redrum will hold all night, or go for an LA Splash Sinfully Angelic Diamond Lipgloss if you’re after more of a glossy look.


Disclaimer: Photo is a stock photo for inspiration, products mentioned aren’t actual products used. They’re our recommendations to replicate the look 🙂

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