Lady Gaga was a periwinkle princess at this years Golden Globes. There is no doubt that Gaga is a creative genius but she also has an incredible team behind her.

Introducing Gagas official makeup artist Sarah Tanno. Tanno does Gagas’ makeup for every tour, red carpet event and photoshoot. She is also a Marc Jacobs Beauty Ambassador.

Not all of us can afford to pad our kits, professional or personal, out with such a luxe brand so I’m bringing you guys some Beauty Bliss approved alternatives so you can get the look without selling your soul.

Flawless, luminous skin is seen on just about everyone that walks at a red carpet event and Gaga is no exception. Australis’ Oh 2 Glow Light Diffusing Foundation is a beautiful fluid formula that smoothes skin, evens complexion and helps to disguise imperfections. For concealing I’d recommend either LA Girls Pro Conceal or Revolutions Conceal & Define which is pretty full coverage and will hide just about anything.

No base is complete without blush, bronzer, contour and highlighter. For blush I’d recommend theBalms Fratboy which is the perfect peachy-pink colour. A cult classic is my next recommendation, theBalms Bahama Mama. A highly universal bronzer and contour powder that can be used for accentuating natural definition or built up for a more intense look. Intense blinding highlights may be all the rage right now but soft, subtle highlight that resembles an inner glow is a timeless look. For this I’d recommend xoBeautys Radiant Glow Highlight Powder in Aurora. Think fresh and minimal when it comes to the base.

An edgy blue metallic eye look could go very wrong, very fast. Tanno blended two shades together (similar to those pictured right in Revolutions Fortune Favours The Brave palette) to create a smokey eye with only a small amount of dimension. She then added a touch of electric blue with a pearl coloured glitter packed eyeshadow on top for an opal-toned sparkle. I recommend Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil in Lazuli Blue with Revolutions’ Flawless Foils in Unicorn Foil overtop to achieve this.

Add a couple of coats of your favourite volumising masacra, L’Oreal Paris’ Paradise Mascara is a popular one. That my friends is the eyes completed.

A peachy-nude gloss (try NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee) completes the look!

Make sure you tag us @beautyblissnz if you recreate this look, we would love to see it!

Until next time,
Courtney xx


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