In just six years Foreo has gone from two employees at their Swedish headquarters to over 3,000 people worldwide! Their facial cleansing massagers deliver professional results from the comfort of home and the awards they’ve won back that up; Elle Beauty Awards, Glamour Beauty Award Winner, Yours Age Defying Beauty Awards.

When I found out we were getting the brand I was so excited, but also very curious. My first question was: what is the difference between the colours? Is there a difference?

In short, yes, there is a difference between the different colours but only in the Luna and Luna 2 models. Each colour represents a different skin type.

Luna 2 Purple: For Sensitive Skin
Luna 2 Pink: For Normal Skin
Luna 2 Blue: For Combination Skin
Luna 2 Green: For Oily Skin

The Luna 2

The Luna 2 has four different brushes for four different skin types, 12 power settings and an anti-ageing mode (great, i’m sold!) which can be used to massage in the serums and creams we use to help look after our skin to stay as we try to cling to our youth.

The larger device covers more surface area but also has curved ridges on the back of it to deliver lower frequency pulsations (anti-ageing mode). It claims cleansing and anti-ageing in 2 minutes, great for those of you who like to lead a busy life.


Luna Mini 2 is so small compared to the Luna 2

Luna Mini 2

The Luna Mini 2 comes in six cute colours. Unlike the Luna 2 the different colours don’t represent different skin types and it doesn’t have an anti-ageing mode.

The Luna Mini 2 like the name suggests, is a smaller model compared to the Luna 2 but this does make it a more travel friendly device. It also has an entire panel of thick touch points on the back of  it which makes it suitable for extremely oily skin and for helping to remove a full face of makeup (yay!). It’s also great for a quick 1 minute cleanse.


Luna Play Plus is even smaller! So cute

Luna Play Plus

The Luna Play Plus may be small but it’s compact size and 2-zone facial brush is designed to make it the perfect on-the-go device for every skin type. Finer touch points for cleansing sensitive and normal skin cover majority of the device making it perfect for larger areas of the face. Thicker touch points at the top of the device means precise, deep cleansing which is great for areas like the t-zone.

At $85 and with six colours to choose from it’s a great starting device. The Play Plus takes AAA batteries, which means you can get way more use out of it – giving you more bang for your buck!

Till next time,

Courtney xx

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