I was interviewed by the lovely ladies at Eye of Horus for their newsletter this month. Check it out below 🙂 ~ Toni


Q+A with Toni from Beauty Bliss!

Toni owns Beauty Bliss, an online makeup boutique with an amazing range of brands including Eye of Horus. We have asked Toni to share some of her beauty secrets & EOH faves with us ….

Why did you start Beauty Bliss?
I’m a web developer and am always working on new projects. When I became a little obsessed with watching makeup videos on YouTube, and struggled to find the products for sale in NZ, Beauty Bliss was born.

What is your favourite part of your job?
Receiving thank you messages and words of support from our amazing customers. My day is always brightened when I receive a thank you email, a kind message on Facebook, or if someone tags #beautybliss in their Instagram photos. We are so fortunate to have such kind, loyal customers.

Your go-to makeup look?
I’m usually super busy and like products that I can just ‘smash’ on my face and then run out the door. I like to make a little more effort for special events though 🙂

My favourite look right now is super minimal – a light BB cream, mascara, and a lippy that’s very close to my natural lip colour.

Any handy makeup tips you would like to share?
Mix-up your makeup collection with a range of high-end and more affordable brands. Don’t think that the most expensive items are the best, the affordable ones may surprise you! I own $9 lipsticks that are infinitely better than my $40 ones.

In terms of makeup application, my life changed the day I tried a flat top kabuki brush. I’ll never go back to using my fingers or a sponge to apply liquid foundation. Seriously try one, you’ll never go back.

What is your favourite EOH product?
The Eye of Horus mascara – hands down my favourite mascara ever! I used to be very loyal to another (quite more expensive) brand and now I’m a total convert. I love how well it builds, one coat is great for my rushed morning routine, and several coats help build my night look.

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