Here at Beauty Bliss we’re dedicated to importing hard-to-find products that are trending online. Here are a couple of our most highly requested products that sell really fast – restocks of some have even been known to crash the website!


Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes


The Morphe 35 Palettes might be some of the most popular eyeshadows we’ve ever stocked (Our first 35O release crashed the site) and it’s for a good reason.

These super pigmented, incredibly blendable and awesomely affordable palettes are a makeup lovers dream come true.

Every palette is designed around a colour theme and allows you to find the perfect palette for the look you’re wanting.

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Sleek Solstice Palette


When gurus such as Jaclyn Hill, Nikki Tutorials and Jeffree Star endorse a product, we know it’s gonna be a good one.

This highlight palette is super pigmented and will leave your skin absolutely glowing. With 3 powder highlights and one cream, we know you’ll find your new favourite highlight in the Sleek Solstice palette.

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Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks


Liquid Lipsticks have taken the makeup world by storm, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics makes some of the best shades, with a fantastic formula.

Jeffree’s ultra-matte, comfortable formula is always a hit – shade, after shade. Popular shades Celebrity Skin, Androgyny, Gemini, Mannequin, and I’m Nude are awesome for those neutral lipstick lovers, while Unicorn Blood, Watermelon Soda and Virginity are great for a bolder look.

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While the beautyblender looks like a regular little sponge, we can assure you it’s an incredible tool for blending out your cream or liquid products.

When you hold your BB under a running faucet and squeeze it out, it grows to double the initial size and blends makeup into the skin flawlessly with no streaks or patches, while soaking up almost none of your product.

While others have tried, there’s just no other sponge on the market quite as effective as the beautyblender.

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L.A. Girl Pro Concealers


We’re always a fan of low-cost, high-quality items and the L.A. Girl Pro Concealers definitely fit this description.

These high-coverage concealers come in an awesome range of shades for concealing any pesky blemishes, and cream contouring.

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