1. Exfoliate and prep your lips for application
Before applying your lipstick, it is important to exfoliate to remove any skin that may be chapped. If you don’t have a lip exfoliator, you can easily make one at home by mixing sugar and water together and applying this to your lips, than wipe off using a facecloth.

2. Line your lips using a lip liner
Lip liners will sure enough become your best friend as they act as the perfect base for your lipstick to cling too making your lipstick longer wearing which we all love. Adding a liner also gives a precise line, adding more definition to the lip and creating a more fuller plump look. You can use a nude lip liner to line your lips or a darker liner to suit the shade of lipstick that you are applying over the top.

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3. Applying your lipstick
Applying lip stick can be done using either a lip brush and by using the lipstick.

If you are using a lip brush to apply lip stick, the best way to do this is to swipe the brush on both sides of the stick to ensure you have an even amount of product on your brush and work from the middle of your lip down towards your bottom lip, and the same can be done using the lip stick.

4. Finishing off
Finishing off your look with a nice gloss can make any lip colour pop even if it’s just a nice clear gloss. To get a nice clean finish, apply a small amount of concealer to a small brush and lightly pat the concealer around the edge of your lips.

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