Moroccanoil: What is it? What is argan oil? Why does it make our hair look like it’s made of silk?

If you’ve been keeping up to date on the beauty world, there’s been pretty consistent hype about Moroccanoil for some time. People swear by it, curly, thick, thin or straight locks aside. It has won a whole host of awards, from Favourite Oil at the Stylist Choice awards, to Best Repairing Treatment at the Knot Beauty Awards. But what is Moroccanoil? Where does it come from? What’s in it? And how on earth does it give you that effortless oh-I’ve-just-been-to-the-salon look, save the salon and the couple hundred dollar expense?

Moroccanoil themselves market the oil as a residue-free formula, capable of styling, conditioning and finishing. That’s cool to hear, but what does this actually mean? The oil is multipurpose, a kind of chameleon that can be mixed in with your longstanding favourites or used all on its own. When, where and how it’s incorporated into your hair care is entirely up to you; this is an oil that’s all about freedom, people. It can be dabbed onto the ends of your hair after a shower, mixed in with conditioner, or even added to your preferred molding clay.

The real reason for the success behind Moroccanoil, however, is its main ingredient: argan oil. This oil is versatile enough to be put in or on us, so that’s gotta be some hint as to why it’s so principal in all of Moroccanoil’s products. It’s full of vitamin A and E, omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and linoleic acid. Because of this, its benefits are numerous, from moisturizing to toning to cuticle management — it’s even said to have properties that help with stretch marks.

When it comes to hair, this oil has no foe it can’t tackle: getting rid of split ends, protecting fragile strands from the heat of curlers, dryers, and straighteners, deep conditioning to treat brittle locks, and even eliminating dandruff. As argan oil is neither greasy nor sticky, it makes for the perfect addition to anyone’s hair care routine. All it really takes is finding the right amount that you should be using: a safe bet is a few drops to begin with, ether building that up or bringing that down depending on how your hair responds to the extra love and attention it’s being showered with.

There are several ways to add Moroccanoil into your everyday routine:

  • Leave-in conditioning: warm the desired amount of drops in your palm, then work gently into your scalp, all the way to the ends of your hair.
  • Mix-in: your conditioner, shampoo, or even your preferred texture clay can benefit from the addition of this oil.
  • Overnight/deep conditioning: dry and easily broken hair can benefit from this technique of massaging the oil into your hair, then safely tucking it away into a shower cap before bed. Your body’s natural heat will help the oil to penetrate further and assist with absorption.
  • Heat repair: it goes without saying, but the vitamin- and nutrient-packed formula helps to repair and defend against damage created from styling wands.
  • Styling: with its ability to do away with frizz and unruliness, argan oil can be rubbed into your hair after blow drying to make it more manageable and easier to style.
  • Growth: argan oil penetrates the hair follicles and promotes the growth of thick, luscious hair naturally.

And these are just the hair benefits. Moroccanoil has really capitalised on an essential and age-old beauty essential. If you’re wondering why it costs a pretty penny for it, it’s because argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small supply. There’s not much room to grow it in Morocco and the oil is largely produced by hand.

So there we have it, folks, all your questions answered about this wondrous oil and why you should think deeply about incorporating it to your hair care routine. If you need an extra nudge, know that the founder of Moroccanoil, Carmen Tal, is the the leader of a campaign entitled Inspired By Women, a project that focuses on empowering women and celebrating the female mind. This campaign salutes women such as Chrissy Beckles, a well-known boxer that rescues and rehabilitates abused animals in Puerto Rico. That’s right, guys, our support of Moroccoil supports a much greater cause, and I think that’s the best incentive there is.

See you soon!

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